[Tweeters] Arctic Loon at Neah Bay

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 18 17:07:15 PST 2017

As Ryan posted earlier, Sarah Peden relocated the Arctic Loon today a bit after noon. It was first discovered by Brad Waggoner on the CBC yesterday and was seen by many.
I am about 90 percent sure I saw it in flight heading West from Baadeh Heights road around ,10:20 this morning.  Sarah was on it when I turned onto the breakwater/jetty from Boom Road around 12:30.  It was feeding/foraging fairly close to the shore to north of Boom Road and then right in front of us on jetty.  It was there for at least an hour - remaining after we left.
Very easy to identify with very distinct white flank patch and gray on neck including some stripes and speckles on back.  Either molting into or out of adult plumage.  LOTS of photos.
It seemed very comfortable and I would not be surprised if it stays a while.  Hope so.  I previously saw one at Port Gamble in October 1973.  Along time between observations.  First ever photo...never thought it would happen.
Thank you Brad and Sarah (and Joshua for posting on Tweeters.

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