[Tweeters] Ancient Murrelets

Mike R. ramosmike79 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 22:02:34 PST 2017

On Saturday, the 16th, I saw three Ancient Murrelets in Bellingham Bay,
from the boardwalk near Taylor dock. I only had binoculars and they were
fairly far out, so today (Sunday, the 17th) I went back to look for them
with a scope. There were at least a dozen of them in one flock, and smaller
numbers of three to five or so, here and there. But the weather was pretty
bad, and I can't be sure how many there were in total, because I would lose
sight of them for short periods, and they would also break up into smaller
groups and reform, etc.

Quite a number of other birds present too - cormorants, large numbers of
Red-throated Loons, grebes, and sea ducks, etc. - including a number of
Long-tailed Ducks swimming close to the boardwalk and giving good views.
There was a lone first winter male Harlequin Duck between the boardwalk and
the shore, an area I have occasionally seen this species before.

Mike R.

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