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Mike & MerryLynn m.denny at charter.net
Sun Dec 17 18:24:00 PST 2017

Hello all,

Decided to check Ice Harbor Dam birds today - and were glad we did.
Drove in down below dam and started counting all the waterbirds when
suddenly there was a BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE in among the Common
Mergansers preening and bathing! After 10 minutes of this the bird flew
up towards the dam - we followed and scoped the face of the dam where
many gulls were perched and flying around. Found 2! subadult Kittiwakes
perched on a cement structure in front of the dam.

This is the second record for Walla Walla County - the first was at the
Walla Walla River Delta January 13, 2002. Mike was chumming bread for
gulls and a Kittiwake flew in calling - very distinctive call! Flew
around with the gulls for 10 minutes and left. Kerry Turley, George
Gerdts and Gene Hunn were with us at the time.

A GLAUCOUS and 2 MEW Gulls were also below the dam.

Earlier in the day we birded 9 Mile Canyon west of Touchet and found
over 50 COMMON REDPOLLS right where we had over 300 several years ago.

We also refound the Snowy Owl - unfortunately a photographer had chased
it way out - trying for the perpetual "better photo". SAD

Good holiday birding and CBC-ing - M&ML

Mike & MerryLynn Denny
Birding the Beautiful Walla Walla Valley
"If you haven't gone birding, you haven't lived"

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