[Tweeters] Snow geese at Vancouver Lakes

Gerry Ellis gerry at gerryellis.net
Sun Dec 17 14:16:30 PST 2017

If your passion is to see huge flocks of Snow Goose or photograph them now
is a great time in the corn stubble fields between Vancouver Kale and the
Columbia River in Clark Co. Today flocks of Snow Goose numbering well over
2,000 as well as Cacklings and Canadas were in the fields, at times only a
few hundred feet away. Mixed in the flocks were a few dark phase Snow Goose
and a few Greater White-fronted. With such congregation, as one might
expect, plenty of raptors: Bald eagles, Red-tail Hawks, Peregrine and a
Rough-legged Hawk. The Sandhill Crane numbers continue to increase as well
- three scattered flocks in the fields numbered over a thousands with small
groups constant in the air.

Gerry Ellis
Em: gerry at gerryellis.net

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