[Tweeters] Possible Waterfowl Harrasement

Dayna yalowicki dlwicki at comcast.net
Sun Dec 17 13:29:57 PST 2017

While at Marymoor off leash area yesterday, a huge flock of Canada Geese kept taking flight in the distance, which looked to be close to the road going through the park. There were maybe 250-300 geese (VERY rough estimate), up and down, up and down and honking loudly several times in 30 min. or so. I began to wonder if they were being flushed by people or dogs, certainly not cars as I drove slowly through several groups on the way in. I don't know much about which Canada geese migrate and which don't, but if these are migrating geese, I do know that they need rest at stopovers. Can someone shed light on this and is there any reason for concern?

Dayna Yalowicki

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