[Tweeters] Trumpeter sighting: unusual

Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 13:26:32 PST 2017

Yesterday I was out south of Snohomish along the Lowell-Larimer Road's
more westerly end looking at two large flocks of swans. I counted about
600 swans, all but about 10 were Trumpeters. The 10 were Tundras.
Then, the Trumpeter with a green collar was spotted. All white. Code
on the collar is the symbol for Theta (oval with line through the middle)
50. This is one of the swans released at Summer Lake in central eastern
Oregon in the past few years. It is now on this side of the flyway.
AND this bird is leucistic (all white at hatch and genetic). It has
school bus yellow legs with some black mottling down the toes. Typically
leucistic swans have leg/foot color that is yellow to orange or red or
pink. They are not black.
I have posted a photo of the swan on our Facebook page:
If anyone out there can get photos of the legs and feet, please send them
to me.

Martha Jordan
Executive Director
Northwest Swan Conservation Association
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martha at nwswans.org
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