[Tweeters] No birds

Nancy sday13 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 14 11:07:25 PST 2017

Hello tweeters,
I’ve been in a nursing/rehab home four months now. Since I’ve been here I’ve seen only 2 crows, no other birds. Until I was moved about a month ago I was looking out at the parking lot which is where I saw the crows fighting.

Now I look out at a couple of small trees, a cedar, a rhododendron and a holly bush. I’ve seen no birds here. I’m next to Issaquah Creek where I’m told there are blue heron “all the time”. The tree branches are completely covered with moss. Though I’m not sure, I’d call it Lichen.

Would the moss be what is keeping little birds from coming. And, no, I can’t put out seed (both physically and it’s against the rules).


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