[Tweeters] O.T. RFI Amphibians

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Sun Dec 10 05:41:44 PST 2017

Amphibians are part of my Big Year goal in 2018. I should be able to find Pacific Chorus Frog (aka Tree), Red-legged Frog, Western Toad, Long-toed Salamander and possibly Ensatina here on Whidbey Island.I know a trail in the North Cascades that crosses a creek that has Tailed Frogs.

I'm hoping some of you can point me to specific locations for ANY species not listed above. Pacific Giant , Olympic Torrent and Western Red-backed Salamanders would all be lifers for me. Rough-skinned Newts are no longer present where we used to find them. Does anyone know what large frog species inhabits Lake Terrell near Ferndale? I'm guessing Green because I've never heard Bullfrogs there.

I'm still taking fish spotting suggestions. If you have a locale for some unusual species, please send it my way ( Bridgelip Suckers is totally going to be the name of my next garage band- unless it's The Flammulated Owls). Thank you very much!
----Steve Ellis
Coupeville, Washington
sremse at comcast.net

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