[Tweeters] RFI from the Netherlands: winter birds in WA

Roland van der Vliet rollie_nl at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 9 06:09:06 PST 2017

Tweeters,I will be visiting my family in Washington state again (after a previous visit in July-August 2016). They now live in Spanaway, south of Tacoma, and we will be visiting for X-mas (between 20 and 27 December).
As a birder there are still several species that I would very much like to see. Last time, I received a lot of info on how and where I could find info on the web and also info on the 'Where to watch' book (that is now also on the web). So, I am now only soliciting for very recent info on the wintering specialities of WA state in the Tacoma area east to the Cascades (east of the Cascades is not doable this time unfortunately). So does anyone have recent info where, between Seattle, Olympia and the Cascades, it is possible to find:- Rusty Blackbird. I am aware of the Nisqually record earlier this autumn but it seems to have gone. I also read about a record east of the Cascades but that is really too far away. Any other birds around?- Ancient Murrelet. Until mid November regularly reported off Dash Point, but there are no recent reports on ebird or tweeters. Are they still around?- Northern Shrike. The bird at Nisqually seems to be infrequently seen (or reported?). What are its regular spots? I read the North Dike but I cannot find this location on the Nisqually map: is this the Estuary Trail? Are there perhaps other reliable sites where it perhaps has not been reported as it has not been looked for (yet)? Like the restricted areas of Joint Base Lewis-McChord? Would the authorities allow me access to this site as a foreigner?- Northern Saw-whet Owl: the bird(s) in Nisqually have not been reported this month. Are they still being seen?- grouse (Sooty), other owls (Northern Pygmy, Western Screech), woodpeckers (Am. Three-toed) and rosy-finch: which trails at Paradise (Mt. rainier) would be best during winter to try for these? Or indeed elsewhere around Tacoma?

A lot of questions (again, like last time). If you do not want to share info publicly, please respond in private.I hope you will be as helpful as last time!All the best, Roland van der Vliet, the Netherlands

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