[Tweeters] Samish Gyr & Dunlin Murmuration

Marv Breece marvbreece at q.com
Thu Dec 7 10:24:57 PST 2017

Yesterday (12.06.17) at 7:30AM I spotted a juvenile GYRFALCON on the Samish Flats. The bird was perched on a pole along Bayview/Edison Rd between Sullivan and D’Arcy. It was still perched when I left at 8. I returned at 9 and the bird was perched on the ground deep in the field to the east. It was being harassed by a BALD EAGLE and also a PEREGRINE FALCON. After a few minutes the gyr flew out of sight to the southeast. I took some mediocre videos.

The other main highlight of the day for me was an amazing murmuration by a massive number of Dunlin at Hayton Preserve on Fir Island (west of Wylie Rd).

There were other notable sightings, but in the interest of getting a report out as well as some photos/videos, I’ll post this now.

3 Images:


3 Videos:


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