[Tweeters] American redstart?, Yesler Swamp

Tim Billo timbillo at uw.edu
Mon Dec 4 13:18:37 PST 2017

Sunday Dec 3 I was walking with my kids in Yesler Swamp, and saw without
binoculars, what looked like a female American redstart. It was all alone in
flock of kinglets and other more typical species. The call clued me in (as
something different) and the plumage pattern (especially on tail) was right
on for a redstart. I know they're not likely in this area, but show up

My first thought was yellow-rumped warbler, but again the tail patterning
seemed pretty clearly to be a redstart. I wouldn't consider sightings
without binoculars (and with kids in tow) to be very trustworthy, but if
anyone happens to be birding that area, you might want to keep an eye out. I
saw the bird in cottonwoods and willows (at about midcanopy) just after
entering the woods on the board walk. I took the left fork and walked the
loop clockwise. It was around 1 PM.

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