[Tweeters] Salmonella

mark girling markgirling at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 4 02:36:13 PST 2017

I noticed I had a House Finch at my feeder the other day with one eye. A good friend Nadine Drisseq by trade is a biologist and alerted me to some diseases birds are picking up from feeders. So I found a small approx 5gal garbage can. Cleaned it out and filled with water and added bleach. Like a sanitizing solution beer brewers for their equipment. My feeders are now on a sanitizing schedule. Whilst one is feeding the other is having an overnight soak. Then I hose it off thoroughly and allow to dry. Then fill and hang. And then removing the loose seed from the next feeder and hosing it off before putting it in the sanitizer for the night. I hope this makes others see how quick and easy it is and perhaps keep the disease down to a minimum.Mark GirlingThe Birding BritWoodridge.

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