[Tweeters] Harlequin Duck Walla Walla Co.

Mike & MerryLynn m.denny at charter.net
Sat Dec 2 18:45:12 PST 2017

Hello all,

There is a female HARLEQUIN DUCK below Ice Harbor Dam on the Snake river
in Walla Walla County - 2nd record for the county. There was one on Mill
Creek at Rook's Park east of Walla Walla from January - March in 1996.

This is a great winter birding spot as you can drive along above and
below the dam and bird from the warmth of your car. Many birds below the
dam this afternoon - hundreds of gulls, Common Mergansers, Common and
Barrow's Goldeneye and this is the American White Pelican wintering area
in Walla Walla County with 113 there today.

On the hill above Sun Harbor east of the dam were over 200 Cedar
Waxwings - eating juniper berries.

At Fishhook Park today were at least 30 PURPLE FINCHES - feeding on
white ash. Yellow-rumped Warblers were all over in the russian olive
trees - along with many juncos.

On Luckenbill Rd a late WESTERN BLUEBIRD was perched on a line with a
Say's Phoebe nearby just east of the river. Northern Shrikes are back in
good numbers - and we had a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE yesterday on the road to
Lower Monumental Dam.

Up from LOMO Dam yesterday afternoon were at least 200 GRAY-CROWNED
ROSY-FINCHES coming into Bank Swallow holes in the gravel pit. Always a
treat to watch.

Good birding, M&ML

Mike & MerryLynn Denny
Birding the Beautiful Walla Walla Valley
"If you haven't gone birding, you haven't lived"

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