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In CR we have found Quetzals daily in the upper Savegre River Valley, around San Gerardo de Dota. Generally found at a couple sites along the dirt road. Additionally, we've watched nests up in the forest. Saw two species of Quetzal in the area around Tandayapa in Ecuador in October. Love Quetzals and Trogons.

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Birding Tale: Costa Rica

I have a tale about birding in CR. I drug my non-birder friend to Monteverde as I had
heard it was beautiful and a good spot to spot (!) Quetzals. At my insistence we hired
a bird guide and off we set. At that time, and this was a while back, there were not many tourists
there. As we left our little but really cute cabin in the forest, a lady stuck her head out of the
tiny Tree Bar to see where we were off too. It was mid -morning. Our guide invited her to join up
but she declined. Off we went, me thinking how silly she was to waste her time in a bar.
Our poor guide looked high and low for the promised Quetzal sighting which I was so determined
to see. We did see so many great tropical birds I love, but alas no Quetzal.
Tired and sweaty at the end of the day we trudged back. The lady stuck her head out of the bar and laughingly
asked if we saw any Quetzals. As we shook our heads no, she grinned and said one was in the tree outside
the bar all afternoon. We confirmed this in camp. I’ve traveled several times since to CR , Panama and S. America
but I have never seen a wild Quetzal.

That said, try the Osa Penn , Pacific side, camps. A bit out of the way but always great birds and animals to see there.
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