[Tweeters] Magnuson Park, 1 December 2017

Scott Ramos lsr at ramoslink.info
Fri Dec 1 16:41:53 PST 2017

Cold, overcast and breezy. Rinse and repeat. But, there were birds, just not that many, unless you count Robins and Starlings. A few notables and a few fun encounters.

Early on, there was a large cacophony of mostly Robins feeding on the Hawthorn patch just north of the Fins sculpture. Among the flocks were a couple dozen Starlings as well, plus a few Cedar Waxwing, Golden-crowned Sparrow, Spotted Towhee and a single Varied Thrush. Later, on Promontory Point, another large flock of Robins were devouring the remaining Madrona berries, again accompanied by a larger flock of Starling, plus a Northern Flicker and several Band-tailed Pigeon. This party was cut short, however, when an adult female Cooper’s Hawk flew in.

Also early, in the north end adjacent the dog run, was an immature Red-tailed Hawk. This bird was very light underneath—the first I have seen of this bird as other Red-tails in recent outings have been adults.

There was a Herring Gull mixed in with a large flock of Mew and a handful each of Ring-billed and California Gulls on the swim platform.

At the P-patch, while surveying for sparrows, an immature Cooper’s Hawk flew in to the amphitheater, not 10 feet away from my location. It seemed indifferent to my presence, allowing me to move around for a look with better lighting and to capture this video:

For the day, 54 species.
Main checklist: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S40845864 <http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S40845864>
Scott Ramos

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