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I spend much enjoyable time with owls. I would highly recommend the following links if you would like to better understand Snowy Owls.

The links below are for Project SNOWstorm. They provide excellent information regarding Snowy owls and their movements.
They have been using "cutting-edge tracking technology" that allows them and us to track the movements of Snowy owls. The maps with recorded data are outstanding and have resulted in a much more sophisticated understanding of the owls movements, including irruptions than we had even a few years ago.
They believe there may be an irruption on the East Coast this year. They also wrote that there could be one in the Pacific Northwest this year-but there appears to be less data for prediction of an irruption here this year.
I would recommend that you view the interactive Maps pages and you can also sigh up to receive update emails. See the one on November 16th as a useful starting point. Also see the photo of one study site that shows 78 voles and Lemmings rimming one nest in 2013. Wow!

Dan Reiff

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Project SNOWstorm: Snowy Owl research and conservation

Interactive Maps. We have been tracking snowy owls since 2013. Use these interactive maps to explore the movements of nearly 50 owls in astounding detail. Explore maps ...

Tracking Snowy Owls - Project SNOWstorm

With cutting-edge tracking technology, we can follow the movements of snowy owls in astounding detail, and for years at a time. This research has been made possible by the generous contributions of the general public and a variety of ornithological and birding organizations. Collaborating scientists in Project SNOWstorm ...

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