[Tweeters] The Day of the Gull - Swallow Tailed That Is

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 31 20:46:16 PDT 2017

What an extraordinary day - soooo many of us have enjoyed the Swallow Tailed Gull found and shared by Ryan Merrill - thank you Ryan.  I gathered thoughts and photos and put them into my blog - just couldn't wait.
(or just look at blairbirding.wordpress.com)
It was a special day in so many ways for me - the beauty of the bird and the thrill of seeing such a rarity.  Sharing the experience with so many birding friends - new and old - and in a special way because this was the 400th species I have been able to photograph in Washington - could there be any better one?   Thanks to everyone who has helped along that journey - and again today - thank you Ryan - from so many of us.

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