[Tweeters] Merlin in Magnolia, Seattle

Rachel Lawson rwlawson at q.com
Tue Aug 29 19:38:11 PDT 2017

There is a Merlin that has been in our area, about half a mile south of
Discovery Park, for about a month. My husband and daughter got a glimpse of
it around 25 July while driving on Magnolia Blvd., and we saw it fly through
some trees and disappear on 29 July. This evening, 29 August, it perched in
the top of a big conifer on the bluffs (attended closely by a concerned
flicker), so we finally got a good look at it and heard it call a couple of
times. The Merlin was distant and somewhat backlit; we couldn't see much
color, but we could see some pattern and we could just barely see that it
seemed to have bands on both legs.

Rachel Lawson

Joseph Brown

Clare Brown


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