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Here are the f inal 2017 COHA season totals. The study area is inside the Seattle City limits only.
43 nest building pairs
41 incubating pairs
38 nests with hatching confirmed
37 pairs with fledged young
140 fledglings verified
2 fledglings already dead from window hits
4 nest sites found post-fledge
20 juveniles & 5 adults color banded by study colleague Martin Muller

Several people have remarked on the considerable impact the current presence of over 200 Cooper's Hawks (adults plus fledglings) must be having on the passerine population. While no doubt a toll is taken on passerines, note that the urban COHAs are also frequently dining on rat and rabbit. Over the years the known urban population has grown each year and has not yet reached carrying capacity. Be sure to take a second look at that next Coop in your yard for a color ID band. If you read the band we can tell you their life history.

Ed Deal
Seattle Cooper's Hawk Project
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