[Tweeters] Snohomish County Ptarmigan

Tim Brennan tsbrennan at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 26 21:21:44 PDT 2017

Hey tweets!

Spoiler. I didn't find any Ptarmigan, making me 0/6 on that bird, but everyone needs a good nemesis bird, yeah?

Went hiking up to Gothic Basin today with family and it was an absolutely beautiful place I've never been to. Gray Jays on the way up, American Pipits at the top. Nothing too earth shattering, but the views were amazing. I did talk to a gentleman who had camped for three nights (okay, I talked to everyone. I believe this is productive.) and learned that he encountered a family of three Ptarmigan during his stay, walking tamely along the trail itself, as they do. So they do exist up there!

Last night, i was able to camp on private property near the Whitehorse retention ponds, and through a stroke of luck, brought the wrong tent poles. Sleeping outside, I was able to add two species to my Moderately Big Snohomish County And Oh Yeah Yakima County Year. Barn Owls were active through the early hours of dark, and Barred Owls later and infrequently.

I'll be honest... the idea of splitting the year has not left me entirely satisfied with the process. Driving home from the hike, we took roads I haven't been on yet. Big ones. I had no idea where I was. Next year I'll return to doing One County, and birding the wheels off of it, probably with an accompanying blog.

Happy Birding!

Tim Brennan

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