[Tweeters] Turkey Vultures in Snoqualmie

T.L. Stokes tlstokespoetry at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 22:17:55 PDT 2017

While visiting a friend in Snoqualmie we watched a kettle of five vultures circling first the lake, then tightening their circle over the old North Bend Hwy. Thinking perhaps a fresh or not so fresh roadkill?

Local pair of bald eagles have left for late summer and fall salmon runs. Unknown if they had a successful breeding season. Last year they lost an early fledgling most likely to a coyote or bobcat, which did not consume but left a trail of some feathers. The body was intact. Of note: this area needs a good bow net and one to two trained volunteers to respond to reports of early fledglings or downed bald eagles. Over a weekend, locals could get no response last year to help catch and transport the early fledgling to a rehab facility. Would have been simple to catch with the proper training and net.

The increasingly territorial osprey pair have decided they "own" the lake now. Each year increasingly more aggressive to the bald eagles. Locals have enjoyed stunning displays of their amazing dives and fishing techniques.

Hope you all enjoyed the eclipse!

Happy summer birding,


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