[Tweeters] Fife Shorebirds

Christopher Clark cjbirdmanclark at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 16:12:42 PDT 2017

Hello Tweets, Levee Pond in Fife has proven to be a great shorebird trap
yet again. This afternoon, around 1:30 pm, the exposed mud had several
Least and Western Sandpipers, joined by a SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER and a
PECTORAL SANDPIPER nearby. Both are hard to find in Pierce County but have
been fairly reliable at this spot the past few years. A few Killdeer were
also present. Can't wait to see what the rest of the season has in store!

Ebird Checklist: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S38772657

Christopher Clark
Sumner, WA

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