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Mon Aug 21 17:36:24 PDT 2017

I birded for nearly three hours this morning at our place on south Whidbey
Island, and I did not notice any unusual behavior. It's a quiet time of
year, but the regular birds of late were still hanging around, 34 species
on this day.
The only thing that might come close to a reaction that I noticed was that
a robin sang for a couple minutes at the edge of the woods right when the
eclipse was at its max, something that I haven't heard in late morning in a
few weeks.
We noticed the odd look to the light, and the temperature dropped off some,
but it was still probably lighter out than if a thick cloud layer had come

George Heleker
Whidbey Island

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> Hi, Tweets


> Does anyone have an email for a group looking for animal behavior during

> the eclipse? There were a couple earlier but, of course, I didn't write

> them down.


> At my house (very forested) things were extra quiet: no birds and no

> squirrels. In the house, however, right at the time of our "totality" my

> cat went beserk, racing through the house, running up and down the

> stairs, and jumping on things. She is usually quite sedate. Nothing else

> was happening so I was wondering if it was the eclipse. Just curious.


> Cheers, Diann


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