[Tweeters] Green Herons in Tukwila - 8 birds, fledglings & adults

Carol Schulz carol.schulz50 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 12:36:39 PDT 2017

Hi Tweeters:

Sorry I'm late sending this. Yesterday, Aug 14 we observed lots of Green
Heron activity near BECU in Tukwila. We stood at the fencing on the Green
River trail just south of BECU. We parked by the trail at the ambulance
place just south of BECU. From the fencing, you can look directly across
the Duwamish River to an Osprey platform which is in Codiga Farms Park. The
juvenile Osprey was on the platform pole at the nest. Apparently the OSPR
just fledged this weekend, but it perches at the nest, or on a light pole
almost right across the river on our side.

While we were there from about 2:45 to 4:00 pm we started seeing Green Heron
activity. They nested in a tree that has lots of foliage, near BECU on the
BECU side of the river, and apparently there was another nest nearby. In
the nest there are 4 nestling herons that are now fledglings. The juveniles
are as big as adults, but w/ down. Feathers are growing in.

3 of us viewed a fledgling (looked like an adult when we viewed w/ bins, but
a closer view w/ a scope showed that it still had down on its head). It was
at the edge of the river just upriver from our viewing spot at the fence.
It slowly walked down the edge of the river. But when an adult flew into
the nest tree, there was all sorts of action. Green Herons flew into trees
and bushes right near BECU, and at least 1 or 2 of the 8 herons was an
adult. The juvs perched down along the river's edge below BECU, and in
trees and bushes above the river. Then an adult flew down river, and two
juveniles followed it around the bend in the river.

The area near BECU has been planted w/ natives on the BECU side and across
the river at Codiga Farms Park. Codiga has two trails going down to the
river on both sides of a channel cut from the river for fish. BECU-Codiga
is interesting in the winter too, because that is where a number of Thayer's
Gulls like to perch, and fly around.

For at least 2 years we have been seeing Green Herons in that area of the
Duwamish River, and down-river to Cecil Moses Park. When we have our
Tukwila Backyard Wildlife Festival in mid May at the Tukwila Community
Center, we have one or two sightings of a Green Heron. Down river from the
Community Center at North Winds Weir and Cecil Moses Park we very often see
a Green Heron from the foot bridge.

I was excited to see the activity. Up until last week, I had never seen a
Green Heron stick nest up in a tree. About 25 feet up, and well hidden by
foliage. Very cool.

Yours, Carol Schulz

Des Moines

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