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Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Sun Aug 13 14:28:51 PDT 2017


There all most wasn’t a September Monroe Vaux’s Swift Community Celebration this year. That would have been a shame with it having been a very successful event each of the last 8 years. I suspect it was mostly the Pilchuck Audubon President Cindy Easterson who pulled it off. Here’s what she has to say.

Yes...there will be a Swifts Night Out this year although it hung in the balance until just yesterday! Various issues with the power and amenities needed to run this event were in limbo but with a HUGE shout out to the Monroe Arts Council and to the City of Monroe in partnership with Pilchuck Audubon we will dash forward to pull this event together.

Mark your calendars for September 9, 2017, with the festivities starting at 4pm at the Wagner Center on Main Street in Monroe. While a lot of the details are still getting cemented...it is possible that we will have a "Species Parade" starting at the beautiful swift art installation by Kevin Pettelle/Soul in Bronze in downtown Monroe and traveling along the sidewalk to the Monroe swift chimney at Wagner Center. We'd love to have any and all participate in this part of the celebration. So let me know if anyone wants to walk in our parade.

Please do come and enjoy these amazing "wee birds" with us.

Welcome back swifts! And hope to see you all at Swifts Night Out!
Cindy Easterson
(425) 876-1055

Larry Schwitters

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