[Tweeters] Our Migration Problem

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sat Aug 12 15:05:13 PDT 2017

Oh sure, we've got this huge immigration "problem" in the USA. It's been going on for thousands of years, before there even was a USA.

There is still a lot of debate and research going on about exactly who all the first Human Beans that got to North America were and how they got here. But one thing is for sure, their arrival was a big game changer. One of the deal breakers for the native wildlife was the opposable thumb possessed by these new bipeds. All the Mammoths, Mastodons, Camels, Horses, Giant Sloths, etc., and less than megafauna species soon found out what these critters could do with those thumby hands - like create sharp stone tipped spears that they could kill the above species with and with other crafty tricks. They were smart survivors and worked cooperatively for the whole group, quite unlike our current "leadership".

Well, thousands of years on, these folks who got here first diversified and further organized into tribal societies. They developed a close relationship with the natural world they depended on and were closely part of. Then things got complicated. The "first nations", as they say in Canada, were in for a big surprise.

Because then a bunch of high tech gold diggers , thieves and slavers sailed over from Europe and took the continent as their own. It wasn't a pretty process. The fact is , that the vast majority of Human Beans in North America are immigrants - we are here to stay, wether we volunteered to or not. Homo Sapiens (us) means "wise man" - well good luck with that.

Much larger than our Immigration issues, is our Migration Problem. Rather than moving to a new place and staying, migrants are ongoing travelers, they go to wherever meets their needs. They have no county, state or national allegiance . Of course some of the most disrespectful of political lines are birds. They just don't even know about these petty details. They are completely ignorant of "wise man" rules. Can we Americans trust them?

Just think about it. When you're out watching birds, those birds are watching you. Take for example watching Snow Geese in Western Washington. These birds are born on Wrangell Island - that's in Siberia - like Russia. Every winter we have Russian bred birds watching us. They all kinda look the same to us, but not all go strait back to Wrangell - some fly back to Moscow and report to the Kremlin. "Vlad" they report", "America is a sick surveillance state- everywhere we go, groups of people are watching us with binoculars and scopes. They're brazen - they don't even try to hide what they're doing!"

Could this get the cold or hot war going? Don't blame the birds.Its a Homo Sapiens problem.

Then we have the "Wall". Which is just a government "private contractor" scam. I talked to some birds about it recently.

"Reallly !" they said, " we thought you were the big brains around here! Even a Roadrunnner could fly over that ."

Personally, I like migration. And immigration too - people are interesting.

Jeff Gibson

just sayin' from

Port Townsend WAw

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