[Tweeters] August 5 Westport Seabirds pelagic trip results

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21 pelagic enthusiasts from 3 different countries and 5 states enjoyed a
remarkably calm and comfortable day on the open ocean on the Westport
Seabirds trip on Saturday, August 5.

We left the dock at 5:30 and started the roughly 28 mile trip to the shrimp
boats close to the edge of the continental shelf. En route, we encountered
one Pomarine Jaeger and the commoner Sooty Shearwaters, Common Murres,
Rhinoceros Auklets and a few Cassin's Auklets. Flocks of Red-necked
Phalaropes were fairly numerous. A single South Polar Skua allowed for a
close approach. As we neared the shrimp boats, Pink-footed Shearwaters,
Northern Fulmars, and Black-footed Albatrosses appeared and provided decent
views for photographers and birders alike. A Least Sandpiper contemplated
landing on the boat but chose one of the shrimp boats as a more suitable
resting space. A few single Red Phalaropes were in the area.

We journeyed onwards to beyond the shelf edge. The deeper waters produce
quite a few Leach's Storm-petrels (before chumming this time) and
Fork-tailed Storm-petrels which, at times, provided great side by side
comparisons. A wayward Warbling Vireo was only identified with the help of
a Ryan photo. Cameras seem to be the best way to identify passerines at
sea! Marine mammals gave a great show with Pacific White-sided Dolphins
launching themselves in the air with the even more aero dynamic Northern
Right-whale Dolphins joining them in spectacular gravity defying leaps. A
Humpback Whale joined the frenzy much to our delight.

On the return trip, a full California Gull attracted the attention of two
jaegers (one Pomarine and one Parasitic) which provided a great study of
their kleptoparasitic behavior. We encountered flocks of loafing Sooty
Shearwaters on the way back to the jetty where we found three different
varieties of rock pipers.

Species and numbers (keep in mind that not everyone on board saw every
species although Westport Seabirds strives to have everybody see

Black-footed Albatross - 67
Northern Fulmar - 21
Pink-footed Shearwater - 78
Sooty Shearwater - 4149
Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel - 37
Leach's Storm-Petrel- - 32 (a high number - all over deep water)
Brandt’s Cormorant - 83 (jetty)
Double-crested Cormorant - 72 (jetty)
Pelagic Cormorant - 40 (jetty)
Brown Pelican - 900 (jetty)
Marbled Godwit - 110 (inside the harbor)
Least Sandpiper - approximately 28 miles offshore
Wandering Tattler - 12 (on the jetty)
Black Turnstone - 15 (on the jetty)
Surfbird - 6 (on the jetty)
Red-necked Phalarope - 321
Red Phalarope - 3
phalarope (sp) - 1
Glaucous-winged/Western Gull - 489
California Gull - 516
Heermann's Gull - 1752 (along the jetty)
South Polar Skua - 2
Pomarine Jaeger - 2
Parasitic Jaeger - 1
Common Murre - 335
Pigeon Guillemot - 18
Cassin’s Auklet - 77
Rhinoceros Auklet - 83
Marbled Murrelet - 2

Humpback Whale - 3
Harbor Porpoise - 9
Dall's Porpoise - 4
Pacific White-sided Dolphin - 80
Northern Right-whale Dolphin - 40
Harbor Seal - 2
California Sea Lion - 4
Steller's Sea Lion - 11

Blue Shark - 10
Ocean Sunfish - 1
Pacific Saury - 1 school of about 100

Leaders on the trip were Scott Mills, Ryan Shaw, and Jim Danzenbaker and
aided by the exceptional skills of boat personnel Phil and Chris Anderson.

The next scheduled Westport Seabirds pelagic trips are August 13, 19, 26,
and 27. For more information on our pelagic trips, including reservations
and full schedule, please visit our website at www.westportseabirds.com

We'll see you on the next Westport Seabirds trip!


Jim and the entire Westport Seabirds team.
Jim Danzenbaker
Battle Ground, WA
360-702-9395 <(360)%20702-9395>
jdanzenbaker at gmail.com

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