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Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Mon Aug 7 11:46:41 PDT 2017

As Vaux’s Swifts migrate up and down the North American coast they roost together in large numbers and a limited number of large old masonry chimneys get a lot of use. There are four of these chimney roosts in Puget Sound that have a Partners in Flight Important Bird Area of Global Significance designation.
Monroe Wagner
Old Northern State

When we put an IP video camera in the Wagner Chimney we became aware that there were usually swifts using it all summer long. How many on what dates in the summer of 2011 can be found here on our website. http://www.vauxhappening.org/the-bird/summer-and-winter-swifts.html <http://www.vauxhappening.org/the-bird/summer-and-winter-swifts.html>

So far this summer Wagner has had about 100 swifts every night. We figure these are the same non-breeding individuals that keep hanging out together. We suspected that other roosts would also have Vaux’s in the summer but never really checked until this year. Selleck has been hosting about 200 a night, 211 last night.

The swift fall migration is about to start and we could use some tweeter involvement in our project. We will ask you to watch a lot of amazing birds.

Larry Schwitters-Issaquah
Project coordinator
Audubon Vaux’s Happening

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