[Tweeters] 08/05/2017 Pelagic Trip, a Photographer on a boat full of serious Birders ...

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Sun Aug 6 15:05:56 PDT 2017

First of all, a big Thank You to Denny and Bob for allowing me the
opportunity to join you fine bunch of folks yesterday on the water. I sure
wish the light had been better, but then again, this is Washington.

How could a trip start better than with the Horned Puffin? I'll get a few
photo's up on that one in the next couple of days. My personal favorite for
the day was a tie between the Horned Puffin and the Black footed Albatross.
I understand that the Albatross may be "old hat" to many of you, but I
thought it was quite cool. And to Bob who made fun of all the
"mega-pixels-and-mega-bytes" I was using up, I reassure you that they are
recyclable and reusable, that WAS in good fun, wasn't it Bob? Looking at my
pictures of the Albatross, they were not wasted at all.

Here is a link to two of my personal favorites from the landing that
occurred in front of us, I find the "bow wake" to be quite interesting:


I want to do a bit more work to fake in a bit of "blue", but that comes
later, don't tell anybody.

To the kind fellow, sorry I have forgotten your name, who told me "Common
Murres", I thought you said "Common Birds" and wondered what kind of dummy
you thought I was, that is a "funny on me" moment I will remember for a long

Thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to answer my
"non-birder" questions, you were all most kind in helping me to learn.

To anyone who might be wondering about my camera that decided to take a swim
in the Marina, we did get it fished out by a Diver about 6:30PM. Hopefully
the pictures from the card can be recovered, the camera I am said to say, is
pretty much toast. It is funny to watch the water float around in the lens.
Insurance claim is in. In the end, even though that was not good, the rest
of the trip made up for it, many times over.

One last thought, I have truly come to understand the biggest difference
between me, the photographer, and you folks the birders. When you see a
bird, 27 miles away, somehow you can figure out just what the heck it is,
maybe by the way it flies, the colors of the nostrils, or the toenails, I
don't know how the heck you do it, but you do. And you ALWAYS seem to be
right! ( lol ) Me, I'm annoyed if the darned thing is 50 feet away and I
can't fill the same and the light is crummy, oh woe is me. The nice thing,
though, with both groups is that we marvel at the wonder of world and
nature, in this case the birds, and we both have the same concern about
caring for it. Although I did wonder about that "chum" Denny was tossing.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but if you have read this far, I assure you
other posts will just be links to some other photos I liked from this trip.
Mainly I just wanted to let you know how thankful I was for your help, and
how honored I was to be on the water with all of you yesterday.

Bill Dewey

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