[Tweeters] Banded Caspian Tern at Discovery Park

Lonnie Somer mombiwheeler at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 15:26:26 PDT 2017

Hi Tweeters,

A couple of us were birding Discovery Park, Seattle this morning and we
spotted a Caspian Tern with leg bands. I don't know who to notify. I've
posted a photo of it on eBird. I don't really have a telephoto lens, so it
is hard to make the bands out in detail, but they might be clear enough for
the person(s) involved in the study. Here's the link:

It was actually surprisingly birdy there today, considering the time of
year and the heat wave. We tallied just over 50 species, including 3
Marbled Murrelets.

Good birding,

Lonnie Somer
mombiwheeler at gmail.com

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