[Tweeters] Bird question

Sharon Wootton songandword at rockisland.com
Wed Aug 2 17:13:52 PDT 2017

Hi Carol.

Can you shed some light on this behavior? I want to answer the question in
the column.

Glad you're doing the work on keeping track of unusual sightings.

Sharon Wootton

The Herald

I have a question about "strange" behavior observed along the waterfront in
Edmonds. We live with an excellent view of various water birds flying
around above the Edmonds waterfront. Each year we have lived here I have
noted that for most of the year no seagulls or other birds perch on the
domed roof of the building that is now the museum of NW art. (It was once
an antique mall and before that a Safeway store--all before we lived so
close.) However, each summer at a certain time the gulls flock to this domed
roof in huge numbers, land in the p.m. and stay all night. At mid-morning
or so, they depart. They do this over a period of a week or so (I haven't
kept a record.) Then--they are gone.

Almost no other gulls--or any birds--land or perch on that roof at all until
the next year. I have asked a number of people why. No one seems to know.
Is it a different group of gulls, migrating through this area at this
specific time? Is it something about the roof or the building at this
particular time?

If you have any information on this, I would be so grateful to learn the
reason for this occurrence.

Thank you for your help. I appreciate your writings in the Everett Herald.

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