[Tweeters] Off-topic: Bird/other guidebooks for Galapagos?

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I have not visited the Galapagos myself, but I have a book called Galapagos
Diary: A complete Guide to the Archipelago’s Birdlife, published in 2000 by
Hermann Heinzel. (Heinzel illustrated a field guide to the birds of Europe
that I used in the 1970s and 80s.) It’s not a traditional field guide, but
it describes the island habitats and wildlife, and then includes photos,
sketches, paintings, and descriptions of all the birds. I have loaned it to
friends who visited the Galapagos, and they found it very useful.

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Hi Tweets,

I am thrilled to be heading to the Galápagos this summer. We are well set
with a local human guide, but I’d be interested in your recommendations for
the best guidebooks to have along. It would be a bonus if they were
available in electronic versions I could load onto my iPad. I’m interested
not only in bird guidebooks, but in other books you’ve found particularly
useful or insightful for the Galápagos.

Thanks much!


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