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My first thought was Band-tailed Pigeon, and that the brown spot was the
feet. I then read others' replies, and see all of the other educated
guesses were the same. I almost thought I could make out the band on the
tail. At least the tail, going from the vent to the tip, got darker at
about the place where the band would be. They also often form flocks of
about that size.

Speaking of Band-tailed Pigeons, I did a double-take yesterday, when I saw
a Band-tailed Pigeon, sitting with some urban Rock Pigeons on a telephone
wire, in a built up part of West Seattle.

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> All,


> Friday forenoon I photographed the southern ends of birds flying north

> at Steilacoom Park. There were at least 17 in all, flying in a loose

> flock. I would say they were somewhere between the size of a pigeon and

> a crow. The photos are butt shots taken at extreme range. However, you

> can see they have a white breast, which narrows to a strip and then

> becomes wider near the tail, with a distinct brown spot. Perhaps

> someone who knows their birds backwards and forwards can identify them.


> Photos here:


> http://skygardener.zenfolio.com/p996964534


> Thanks in advance for any help.


> John Riegsecker

> Gig Harbor, WA

> jriegsecker at pobox dot com

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