[Tweeters] Any Suggestions on How to Discourage English Sparrows?

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> When we were kids we trapped the House (English) Sparrows (as well as the

> Starlings, and any common and not very special bird) in a Have-a-Heart trap

> with bird seed in it, and fed them to our Boa Constrictor.

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> Subject: [Tweeters] Any Suggestions on How to Discourage English

> Sparrows?

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> Last summer we moved into a house whose former owners encouraged the

> English Sparrows, including putting out bird boxes for them. We have

> removed the bird boxes and have put out a box for chickadees, attaching a

> metal plate so the English Sparrows cannot enter. They are still trying

> however, which is a problem since a pair of Black-capped Chickadees have

> already taken up residence. The English Sparrows are now intimidating the

> chickadees when they try to get to the box.


> Any suggestions on what we can do? We have removed our suet feeder so the

> only feeder is the one containing sunflower seeds, which they never touch.

> Not sure what else to do.


> Deborah West

> Olympia

> olyclarinetatgmaildotcom


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