[Tweeters] West Queen Anne Nashville Warbler this morning

Tom Leschine tml at uw.edu
Thu Apr 27 12:01:28 PDT 2017

I was very surprised to find a male Nashville Warbler briefly foraging through a budding maple tree just outside my study window this morning. It was with a small flock that included an Orange-crowned Warbler, a couple of Ruby-crowned Kinglets, and a Bushtit or two and I didn’t even see it until I took its picture. I ran to grab my camera to photograph the Orange-crowned, and fired quickly at the yellow-flanked bird I saw working its way along a thin branch upon return. When I reviewed the not-great photo though, which I’m happy to share, there was the gray hood, prominent eye ring, and hint of a brownish-red headspot that said Nashville to me, not Orange-crowned. One of the kinglets was also flashing its ever so much more brilliant ruby crown, but in my book no longer the star of the show.

Yesterday morning at about the same time we had quite a different aerial spectacle, a Cooper's Hawk deciding to take on a soaring mature Bald Eagle that may have been just a little too close above a hidden nest. The amazing pursuit, with repeated stoops and dives and a couple of strikes from above that surely must have hurt, reminded me of one of those aerial dogfight scenes you see in a vintage WWII movie, the Spitfires rising quickly from below to take on the lumbering enemy bomber that has suddenly appeared on the horizon. The whole show lasted close to 10 minutes, the eagle for some reason returning for more punishment after it had gotten safely away.

Tom Leschine
tml at uw.edu

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