[Tweeters] RFI Umptanum Rd/N. Wenas Rd, Ellensburg Pass, and Wenas area

Birder1944 at aol.com Birder1944 at aol.com
Wed Apr 26 21:30:10 PDT 2017

I live on the west side, and I'm planning a trip over the mountains to bird
in Kittitas and Yakima counties next weekend (May 6-7).

I seem to remember reading that N. Wenas Rd over Ellensburg Pass was in
poor condition this winter, or even closed in part. Does anyone have recent
experience with that road, like in the last week or two?

Also, how is the road going in to Wenas campground? Does anyone know if
the water is over the road, and if so, how deep it is?

If anyone has info on seeing Prairie Falcon in Yakima Canyon this year, I'd
be interested in that, too. I've seen the eBird reports, but specific
locations would be helpful, especially if they have started nesting yet.

I know it is a bit early for all the migrants to be back, but I have the
time available, and if the road conditions are acceptable, I'd like to try to
get what I can over there.

Thanks for any info anyone can give me.

Barry Brugman

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