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Wilson Cady gorgebirds at juno.com
Sat Apr 22 13:40:25 PDT 2017

Here at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge we have had small mixed flocks of warblers and other birds passing through every fifteen minutes since about 9am this morning. Our very conservative estimate so far is: YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER 100ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER 12NASHVILLE WARBLER 8HERMIT WARBLER 2BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER 1TOWNSEND'S WARBLER 1 We also had a LINCOLN'S SPARROW and several large flocks of WHITE-FRONTED GEESE totaling over 500 birds flying low down the Gorge heading towards Steigerwald. Wilson Cady
Columbia River Gorge, WA

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I had a similar experience this morning, not that far away. I went outside in the pouring rain at about 9:20 this morning because I thought I heard evening grosbeaks, which would be a new yard bird. When the rain stopped I also had warblers everywhere in our woods above Salmon Creek, in west Brush Prairie, Clark County.
5 ruby crowned kinglets
19 yellow-rumped (1 Myrtle’s)
5 orange-crowned
3 black throated grays
1 Townsend’s
3 Nashville warblers
1 Warbling Vireo
1 Pacific Slope Flycatcher
12 Evening grosbeaks.

These were conservative counts, it seemed like warblers were popping up everywhere and I was trying not to re-count.

Also a flock of Sandhill cranes flying north, very high up.

John Bishop
Brush Prairie, WA

Robert Flores wrote:
At about 9am when the rain started I found a large number of migrants, for my yard anyway, that included 37 yellow-rumped, 4 orange-crowned, 1 Nashville and 1 Townsend's warblers also 3 ruby-crowned kinglets and a male Western tanager. The tanager is my second in a week both earlier than my past experience.

Bob Flores

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