[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2017-04-20

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Thu Apr 20 16:56:11 PDT 2017

Tweets – It was an unexpectedly nice day. The forecast rain didn’t arrive, and a lot of the morning was sunny. After about 9, it did get cloudier and breezier, but if often felt like spring. The birds thought so too!

a.. Cackling Goose – single flock of 16 – 4th-latest spring sighting ever
b.. Wood Duck – pair up in trees near the start of the boardwalk
c.. Common Goldeneye – single female, 7th-latest spring sighting ever
d.. Horned Grebe – one near lake platform in breeding plumage – 3rd latest...
e.. Mourning Dove – one near concert venue – First of 2017
f.. Vaux’s Swift – First of 2017, and tied for 4th-earliest spring sighting ever
g.. Common Loon – one far out on lake
h.. Green Heron – pair at lake, one with nesting material
i.. Barn Owl – Matt heard baby in windmill, adult outside, very very early
j.. Western Screech-Owl – Matt saw one near east end of boardwalk very early
k.. N. Rough-winged Swallow – 1-2 or so, over slough – First of 2017
l.. Hermit Thrush – west edge of Dog Meadow
m.. NASHVILLE WARBLER – at least 3 – First of 2017, and 3rd-earliest spring sighting ever
n.. BREWER’S SPARROW – near 2nd and 3rd Dog Beaches, with Golden-crowned Sparrows. ONLY THE 4th-EVER sighting at Marymoor, and first since 2012. (Prev. dates: 2012-04-12, 2000-04-30, 2011-06-09).
Sunrise actually came a little after our 6:00 a.m. start time, and there were clouds along the eastern edge of the sky, so we weren’t in a great hurry to get started. Instead, we looked at VENUS through the scope, which was really cool as Venus is a crescent right now, something I don’t remember seeing before.

For the day, an amazing 73 species! New for the year were MODO, VASW, NRWS, NAWA, and BRSP, to bring us to 111 species for the year, I believe.

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