[Tweeters] The benefits of volunteering - good birding at Ridgefield!

Randy Hill re_hill at q.com
Wed Apr 19 23:36:30 PDT 2017

Today at Ridgefield NWR was quite interesting in spite of the rainy
condition. Coming off Hillhurst at the top of the entry road to River S I
found my FOY MacGillivray's Warbler, and one of several Lincoln's Sparrows
seen during the day. The Purple Martins increased from two yesterday after
the gourds were put up to 11 this morning; at least one male is banded. A
swan on Rest Lake had head under water 95% of the time, and the 5% was quite
muddy, but it appeared to be a Trumpeter Swan. As last week when the Vesper
Sparrow turned up on the way out from a refuge volunteer stint, today there
were 3 FOY birds behind gates leading into closed areas of the refuge. At
the Dairy Unit far south I found a Brewer's Sparrow on the way in and a
Western Kingbird going in and out. And at the end of the work returning to
the shop I found my first Clark County Loggerhead Shrike on Bachelor
Island. Since many birds move across "boundaries", keep an eye out at the
Carty Unit and on River S.

Randy Hill


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