[Tweeters] advice on bird feeders/Deer Mice

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I did my graduate work in biology studying rodents in the chaparral near
Berkeley. Unfortunately I caught what I believe was hantavirus a few years
before it was even identified as a disease and spent a month in the UC San
Francisco Medical Center.

Currently I have a large feeder with a large tray. Some of the sunflower
seeds go over the side particularly when Steller's jays are feeding. I
modified my feeder to hinder but not stop the jays by making them duck to
get at the food. What's on the ground attracts a lot of ground feeding birds
such as spotted towhee which, of course, I enjoy. What I do is set a bunch
of live traps so I don't accidentally kill a bird, chipmunk, or chickaree.
When I catch a rat or mouse the whole trap goes into a tray of water; I
dispose of the cadaver by emptying the trap in the woods. I never touch the
rodent. Suet is the best bait I have found.

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Hi Tweeters,

Any advice?

I took down my bird feeders; I saw a rat the other night, and set out a
trap, but kept the feeders up. Much as I don't want rats..the next night I
trapped a Deer Mouse, which carry Hanta Virus, so I took the feeders down.
A guy in Issasqua died last year and a woman in Redmond was infected with
the virus:
deer-mouse-infestations/. I saw one article which said around 14% of Deer
Mice are carriers and another said around 40% are. Either way, I don't want
to be paranoid, but I don't want a deer mouse infestation.

So...I'd eventually like to put my feeders back up but wonder if anyone has
extra-large tray under their feeders. Has that prevented seed from
scattering on the ground? I'd like to know before I buy one. Any other
ideas would be appreciated as well,

Megan L

Bellevue, WA

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