[Tweeters] Edmonds Birds

Steve Krival stevekrival at live.com
Mon Apr 17 18:24:54 PDT 2017

>From the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry I saw a Common Loon.

At the west end of Edmonds Marsh I heard the kick-kick call of a Virginia Rail hidden under the cat-tails just yards away. There were also 7 Great Blue Herons divided into two tight groups. One of the GBHs was displaying for the others, standing straight as a pole, beak pointed to the sky, feathers fluffed and puffed out.
Near the Port Edmonds ferry terminal a bald eagle attempted to take a Bufflehead. After a 2 minute aerial chase, gulls intervened by harassing the eagle, which gave up the pursuit as the duck landed on the water and took a long dive.
Also at the Edmonds ferry terminal: surf scoters, eared grebes, and red-necked grebes, and both pelagic and double-crested cormorants. Lots of long good looks colorful males.
I did not see the Black-throated grays or the Orange-crowned warblers that had been reported at Willow Creek Salmon Hatchery, which is why I drove to Edmonds in the first place. But, a good day is a good day.

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