[Tweeters] Eagles in West Longview

Margee Cooper margeecooper at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 10:36:26 PDT 2017

Hello -

I have been observing a pair of Bald Eagles that I can see from my backyard
on Finch Drive in Longview for a couple of years now.

They have a nest (#1) in the woodland area between Finch and Pacific Avenue
and another (#2) just north of Pacific Ave, south of Coal Creek Road.

The nest building this year was on the #2 nest but yesterday I saw the male
bringing nesting material to #1 nest. It surprised me as the female had
been sitting on nest #2.

This morning I saw both Eagles on the tree where nest #1 is. Russ - the
local bird expert, mentioned to me that the birds change nests every 2
years or so to let parasites die out so I was curious to hear if nest #2
was damaged by the high winds we had late last week.

I will try to check out the #2 nest and see if it is still there but am not
hopeful. (I am not wanting to put human feelings on this pair but I swear
the female looked kind of sad this morning. She was sitting on a limb with
her head down for quite awhile...)

Grateful to see the sun yesterday!

Margee (the tyro birder) in West Longview
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