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Sat Apr 15 09:15:24 PDT 2017

Consider what country you are in and what local protocol might be,  Some countries (I can't tell you which any more) tipping is illegal in the tourist industries.  Prior to my latest trip to New Zealand I received a general information sheet from my guide service that included that the comment  tipping is not expected in New Zealand in general. and I assumed that included them.  The general attitude in Australia seems to be the same except in Sydney where enough Americans travel they have had to modify there restaurant tabs to include a spot for gratuities.  At least that what I was told by a local.  In Papua New Guinea you get paid for doing a good job or you loose your job.  Jobs we feel a need to tip to have the individual earn a good living, are jobs there that earn well by the local standard and are highly sought.  And, if hiring a guide there yourself usually includes  bartering beforehand.  Talking to the lodge manager prior to climbing Kilimanjaro he suggested that tipping too much is worse than tipping too little or not at all.  It distorts the local guide economy.  On a guided, non-birding trip, one client gave tooth brushes and toothpaste to all the students in a local school in a rural area rather than tipping the American paid guide!!  In the USA tipping is the rule for just about everything.

There is no hard and fast rule.  

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Longview, WA
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