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I went out today but stayed inside the car because it was raining hard, so I missed many of the sights that Bob and Randy saw. But I wanted to see if the 12,000 Cackling geese were still there, and yes, they were.  The field looked like it was covered with geese.  And among them I saw five Snow Geese. Michelle MaaniSalmon CreekVancouver, WA

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| I wound up at some of the same areas today as Bob covered, but a bit later.

There was a gorgeous Horned Grebe in full breeding colors on Vancouver Lake,

and several Canvasbacks on Shillapoo Lake. After 12 noon I reached Fazio's

gate at the end of Lower River Road and found 44, then 57 and eventually 65+

yellowlegs that included one Lesser Yellowlegs and one colorful Long-billed

Dowitcher. Walking the dike road that separates Fazio's wetlands and

pastures from the Shillapoo Wildlife Area toward Lake River a flock of 23

American White Pelicans was parked to the north before a rather bloated Post

Office Lake that had more than 2500 scaup. Another 50 pelicans came off

Lake River and flew north out of view, maybe to Green Lake or Ridgefield

NWR. They have many choices as the flooding has subsided a bit but has left

lots of very large puddles on the floodplain.

Randy Hill


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Hello All,

Highlights from today include 80 great egrets where they have been for a

while across from Frenchman's Bar Park, also in the same area there were 11

snow geese, 2 white-fronted geese and about 12,000 cacklers also 12 dunlin

flying around the flooded field closest to Frenchman's. I found greater

yellowlegs in several locations including flooded fields (21) across from

the flushing channel, Shillipoo WMA along L River Rd (9) and along Old River

Rd (4) also 81 in the wetland on Fazio Farms just past the gate at the end

of the road. Had 130 sandhill cranes scattered about as well.

Bob Flores

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