[Tweeters] Snoqualmie Valley Sunday

Tina Blade tinablade5051 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 9 17:40:46 PDT 2017

Snoqualmie Valley today offered some wonderful birding on a lovely day.


Stillwater-Heading south from WDFW lot near Stillwater Store:

A Pileated Woodpecker couple taking turns excavating a nest in a large snag
on the east side of the trail.

2 Am. Bitterns at the second bridge, one on east side of the trail, the
other on the west side.

Common Yellowthroats vocalizing everywhere. One showed himself
briefly--glowing yellow.

Male Rufous Hummingbird.

Red-breasted Sapsuckers everywhere, drumming, flying and calling.

Virginia Rail calling.

Brown Creepers peeping and creeping.

Along 124th St (W. Snoqualmie to 203):

Light morph Rough-legged Hawk in tall Cottonwoods on south side of 124th St.

Bald Eagle sitting in its nest in a Cottonwood on north side of 124th (It's
in a stand of trees some distance from road, but nest is so big it's easy to

American Kestrel sitting on wire next to road.

Two Am. Kestrels in a rapid pas de deux as they flew over the road.

Tina Blade

Duvall, WA

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