[Tweeters] Windy Warblers and Vireos

Gerry Ellis gerry at gerryellis.net
Fri Apr 7 10:59:47 PDT 2017

The crazy winds pushing from the south have apparently brought one of the
early migrant flushes. Walked the Smith Bybee lakes/wetlands just on the
Oregon side of the Columbia from Vancouver last evening and picked up 4
FOYs - Hutton's Vireo, Orange-crowned Warbler, Yellow-headed Blackbird and
Cliff Swallows - all in abundant numbers. Also in the flocks were several
Purple Finches, Yellow and Yellow-rumped Warblers, and Common Yellowthroat.
The entire group (except the swallows) were clearly moving and feeling like
birds with travel further north on their agendas — so watch out Washington,
here they come!

Gerry Ellis
Em: gerry at gerryellis.net
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