[Tweeters] The Ocean Shores area

Byers byers345 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 6 17:26:54 PDT 2017

Hi Tweeters,

Bill and I and 6 birding friends went out to Ocean Shores on
Tuesday. It began to rain when we hit the Hoquiam sewage treatment ponds
and rained off and on (mostly on) until we got back to I-5 today.
Nonetheless, we persevered. The Hoquiam STP mostly featured a lot of Scaup
of both species. We also saw a Hooded Merganser on the Grays Harbor side of
the ponds. There was a Bald Eagle harassing an Osprey (so the Ospreys are

Out at Ocean Shores, we stayed at the Best Western where we
had good view of the shore vegetation and beach. Yellow-rumped Warbler
migration is in full swing. At one point we also saw flock of about 20
Marbled Godwits landing on the shore some distance from us. Tree Swallows
and probably a few Violet-green Swallows were all over the place.

At Ocean Shores State Park on Wednesday, April 5, we saw all
the usual suspects in the state park including one Varied Thrush. We all
thought Bill was taking a picture of a White-crowned Sparrow, but it turned
out to be a White-throated Sparrow (photo on Ebirds).

In back of the Ocean Shores STP, looking out over the Oyhut
game range bay, we saw lots of interesting birds including a Black
Oystercatcher and a Bonaparte's Gull.

On the way home today we stopped by Brady Loop Road. There
have apparently been several swans and a Sandhill Crane in that area for
several months. We got pictures of Tundra Swans and the crane, also on

Aside from the Marbled Godwits, in the shorebirds department
we saw Killdeer (Ocean Shores STP), Dunlin (hundreds), and a few
Black-bellied Plover (the last two at Ocean Shores SP).

Happy birding, Charlotte Byers, Seattle

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