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Tue Apr 4 07:54:29 PDT 2017


Unfortunately, the eggs have not been incubated since Saturday and are by now certainly dead. Something must have happened to one of the adults, although we have received no reports of injured or dead falcons from downtown Seattle. One of the adults (male?) was seen perching on the ledge Monday, but did not incubate. Hopefully he can recruit a new female and start over, since its still early in the nesting season.

Veteran webcam followers will recall that in 2007 4 eggs were abandoned, then the male recruited a new female who laid another 4 eggs, unfortunately also abandoned. This is certainly a disappointment, although a bonanza for scientists studying current levels of eggshell thinning from residual DDT/DDE.

Please join me in giving thanks to the wonderful people at Wright Runstad - 1201 Third Ave for hosting "The Neighbors Upstairs" for 24 years.

Ed Deal
Seattle Peregrine Project

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