[Tweeters] Yellow Warblers at Nisqually NWR & House Wren at Ridgefield NWR

Gerry Ellis gerry at gerryellis.net
Mon Apr 3 07:07:58 PDT 2017

Popped into Nisqually NWR Sunday for a traveling break off I-5 and
delighted to hear dueling male Yellow Warblers (our FOY #133) in the forest
along the riparian forest overlook.

Later in afternoon heading back to Portland swung into Ridgefield NWR -
high water continues as well the very quiet activity on all the ponds. The
forests at entrance area to Kiwa Trail (not yet open) were alive - lovely
male Common Yellowthroat on full black and lemon glory as well as the
gurgling song of House Wrens in the Oregon Ash (both FOYs 134/135.) Also
all four swallows - Barn, Tree, Violet-green, and Northern rough-winged,
present over South Big Lake.

Gerry Ellis
Em: gerry at gerryellis.net
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