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Mon Apr 3 01:10:36 PDT 2017


The last few days gave me a few interesting items.

Friday while in 25' proximity to my neighbor's hummer feeder through
sliding glass doors, observing regular antics of these feisty little birds,
something odd caught my eye. In retrospect, it seemed like leaves
fluttering down to the small landscaping rocks below the feeder area. That
area was in the shadow of fencing so details were not clear but after a few
long seconds trying to discern what the movements were down there on the
rocks, quite clearly I saw two hummingbirds rise up after what I must
assume was a "moment of intimacy!" 'Twas the only time I've ever seen (or
known) hummers to be on the ground.

Then, about 1:00pm Saturday while laboring with bumper-to-bumper traffic
through the interchange from highway 16 to north interstate 5, I noticed
what I assumed to be just another red-tail on the light post up ahead.
Luckily, my 10x Zeiss were on the front seat next to me and I came to a
complete stop almost below the bird. Down goes the window and up go the
binoculars and surprise! - an adult Peregrine! I'll be paying closer
attention to perched raptors in that area from now on!

An hour later at the Tacoma waterfront along Ruston Way I spotted my FOY
breeding-plumage Common Loon. Always a striking bird. Has breeding-plumaged
birds been noticed earlier this year? I'd like to know what is average or

Happy birding happenstances are awaiting!

Greg Pluth
University Place
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